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I have been rly busy w/ exams lately. I had a presentation in science instead of an exam, i get like stage fright comming up and presenting especially to marc lener. I went to hannah's birthday party (i got her the movies Saved, the Notebook, and the Girl Next Door), after swim practice and then went to a lame Visitation party for like an hour, there were guyz doing shots and singing the circle of life in one corner i have a video of it, but i think it may have gotten deleted. French exam and math exam comming up. I'v heard the math exam is xtremely hard so jewelle....we are going to fail. Alot of juniors were telling me that it was the hardest math exam they have ever taken. Tomarrow i have a mani, pedi and massage, then going to a swim meet, last one of the winter/spring season! Then afterwards to dinner w/ family friends and then to Jake's party, it should be rly good especially compared to his last one. It was funny b/c he hired a fake cop to come out of no where for the last one when the police came and the guy was like "we have the situation under control" and after the real police left the party just kept going lol.

Basics ::
01.) Call Me: Linnea
02.) Middle Name:: Britt
03.) DOB:: September 26, 1989
04.) Age:: 15
05.) Location:: Potomac
06.) Eye Color :: blue
07.) Hair Color:: blonde
08.) Hair Length:: medium
09.) Height:: 5’ 5"
10.) Shoe Size:: 8 1/2
11.) Glasses or Contacts:: neither
12.) Braces:: nope
13.) Single or Taken:: single currently but Tommy is in the future
14.) Bad Habits:: talking in class and pissing off my teachers (i.e. jen eng and sue ikenberry lol jewelle), bragging, etc.
15.) Fears:: clows, puppets like marionettes.

School ::
17.) Where Do You Go to School:: gds

18.) What's Your School Mascot:: Mighty Hoppers (grass hoppers) what is up w/ private schools in DC/ Maryland??? Sidwell = fighting quakers, mideira = snails, Maret = frogs
19.) What's Your School Colors:: green and white

20.) What's Your Favorite Subject:: science
21.) Who's Your Favorite teacher?:: Lauren she's hilarious

22.) What Do They Teach:: english
23.) Who Sits Next to You In Math Class:: Drea woop woop i <3 her lol
24.) Do You Have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend:: not currently
25.) If So, Whats Their Name:: --

26.) If So, How Long Have You Been Together:: --
27.) Do You Have a Crush:: obviously Tommy

28.) Do They Know:: yes
29.) Have You Ever Broken Someones Heart:: yes
30.) Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken:: yes

Favorites ::
31.) Animal:: dogs
32.) Color:: pink
33.) Person:: ...

35.) Season:: spring or fall
36.) Holiday:: christmas and Halloween
37.) Hobby:: Crew

38.) Sport:: Swimming, Crew or Tennis
39.) Feeling:: happy, excited

40.) Saying:: thats so retarded, omg they are so sketchy
41.) Word:: antidisistablishmentarianism

42.) Month:: December
43.) Clothing:: polos, skirts
44.) Jewelry:: pearl earrings, tiffany jewelry
45.) Food:: salad, ethiopian food, japanese food
46.) Snack:: salad

Friends ::
47.) Best:: Claire
48.) Daringest:: Diane
49.) Funniest:: Hannah
50.) Tallest:: Chase
51.) Shortest:: Brycie
52.) Loudest:: everyone
53.) Shyest:: Kayla
54.) Smartest:: ...dunno
55.) Blondest:: Hannah but i take offense to that question
56.) Craziest:: Cici
57.) Nicest:: Stacey
58.) Sweetest:: Jessica
59.) Weirdest:: Meg
60.) Flirtiest:: Rachel

Have You Ever ::
61.) Had a Wish Come True:: YES and its fun when it does.
62.) Had a Dream Come true? yes, but it scares me when like actual dreams happen.
63.) Broken a Body Part:: collar bone, 3 ribs, femur, 3 fingers, 4 toes, ankles multiple times, my elbow, all from tae kwon do (2nd degree black belt stopped 2 yrs ago)and snowboarding and being ditsy
64.) Fallen in Love:: yes
65.) Done Something You Regret:: hasnt everyone?

67.) Sang in Public:: haha no
68.) Cried in Public:: yes
69.) Kissed Someone Besides your family? yes...what a retarded question
70.) Been in a Car Crash:: yes

The Last ::
71.) Thing You Did Before Getting on the Computer:: got off the phone w/ Carter
72.) Person You Yelled at:: Seth
73.) Person You Hugged:: Hannah
74.) Person You IMed:: Max

75.) Time You Cleaned Your Room:: umm don't rly have to b/c of the house keeper so along time ago
76.) Thing You Ate:: fruit streamer
77.) TV Show You Watched:: Friends
78.) Movie You Watched:: Phantom of the Opera
79.) Time You went to the Movies:: 2 weeks ago (House of Wax)

80.) Time You Cried:: don't remember
81.) You Took a Shower:: after swim practice today

This OR That ::
82.) Coke OR Pepsi:: coke
83.) Tall OR Short:: medium

84.) Flowers OR Candy:: flowers
85.) Math OR English:: math b/c i hate my current (ex english teacher)
86.) Blink 182 OR Sugar Cult:: blink
87.) Mickey OR Minnie:: They scare me so umm neither
88.) Middle School OR High School:: HIGH SCHOOL

89.) Boyfriend OR Girlfriend:: boyfriend
90.) Single OR Taken:: single, more fun w/ lots of different ppl

Word Association ::
91.) bead:: bracelet
92.) bed:: sleep
93.) sexy:: kinky
94.) phone:: 3 way calling
95.) tough:: strong
96.) neato:: gee wiz or other phrases that go with that decade

97.) leather:: coat
98.) weird:: zach bernstein or duncan
99.) so:: yesterday
100.) easy:: French I
101.) test:: exams
102.) nerd:: willy wonka
103.) falling:: in love
104.) air:: balloon

105.) hot:: summer

Random ::
106.) do you sleep with a stuff(ed) animal:: no but my cat sleeps on my bed sometimes which is annoying
107.) do you like snowballs:: yes
108.) are you in school:: yes
109.) do you like to swim:: yes i swim on 3 teams 2 in the winter and one in the summer, plus i love going w/ my friends
110.) are you funny:: yes, retardedly at times
111.) what do you think of water:: CREW and swimming
112.) are you a blonde at heart:: no
113.) have you ever been to maryland:: i live there...
114.) have you seen "chasing liberty":: too many times
115.) are you happy this survey is over:: yes
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Copying amanda's quiz

[1] NAME: Linnea

[2] BIRTHDAY: September

[3] HEIGHT: 5'5

[4] SHOE SIZE: 8

[5] EYE COLOR: blue

[6] HAIR COLOR: blonde

[7] DONE DRUGS: no

[8] BEEN ON STAGE: not rly an acting person

[9] HAD SEX: no

[10] BEEN DUMPED: yes, but mosly dumped others



[13] DYED YOUR HAIR: no blonde is the only color biatch



[16] GOTTEN DETENTION: no they don't have detention



[19] DO THEY KNOW: yes

[20] WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN THE OPPOSITE SEX: smile, body, sense of humor

[22] COLD / HOT: cold

[23] BLACK / WHITE: black

[24] RAIN / SNOW: snow

[25] GIVE / RECEIVE: recieve

[26] WOOL / COTTON: cotton

[27] ROSE / DAISY: daisy

[28] PRIVATE / PUBLIC SCHOOL: Private school lifer


[30] HISTORY / SCIENCE: science, u don't learn about retarded dead ppl

[31] MATH / ENGLISH: math i hate my english teacher (lol jewelle, jen)

[32] SPRING / FALL: fall

[33] ROCK / COUNTRY: rock

[34] PEPSI / COKE: coke

[35] LOVE / LUST: lust is more fun

[36] EAT / SLEEP: sleeping


(37) WHO DO YOU SEE THE MOST? Lia and Hannah

[38] WHO DO YOU WISH TO SEE MORE OFTEN: Camp friends, Lisa, Maija, Jessica, Devon, Matt, TOMMY etc.

[39] WHO DO YOU E-MAIL THE MOST: well IM? Claire

[40] WHO'S THE LOUDEST?: me, some of my friends think i'm tone deaf, and i yell the loudest at crew regattas lol

[41] WHO'S THE SHYEST: Steph



[44] WHO'S THE HORNYEST: joanna (well not the horniest, just the pimpinist)


[46] WHO KNOWS YOU THE BEST: Hannah or Meg

[47] WHO'S YOUR BEST FRIEND(s): Hannah, Lia, Steph, Jessica, Meg, Claire, Chrissy, Chase


[49] WHO GETS ALONG W/ YOUR PARENTS: haha umm hopefully no one


[51] WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST: Claire, Diane, Lisa, Maija, Greta

[52] FOUGHT W/ YOU THE MOST: Hannah in the 5th grade

[53] WHO ARGUES W/ YOU THE MOST: Chase b/c he's retarded

[54] FAVORITE FRIENDS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX: Chase, Tommy, Jeff, Seth, Matt

[55] IS MOST LIKELY TO BECOME A MODEL: Diane, Lila, and Cici

[56] HAVE KNOWN YOU THE LONGEST: Claire and Hannah

[57] YOU KNOW MOST ABOUT? Hannah, Claire, Cici, Stacey

----------------------DO YOU LIKE TO:---------------------------------------

[58] GIVE HUGS: lol omg don't let me get into that

[59] GIVE BACK RUBS: not rly hannah always asks for them and i'm like, umm no schedule one at Elizabeth Arden

[60] TAKE WALKS IN THE RAIN: w/ an umbrella

[61] WATCH TV? sure if a good show is on like OC, and Simple Life

[62] GO TO THE BEACH: yea but i love surfing and tanning but prefer snow boarding

[63] DO HOMEWORK: a ton

[64] PLAY IN THE SNOW: hell yeah, boarding

[65] WORK OUT: yes for swimming and crew but mostly like the bike, elyptica, and tread mill



[68] GO ONLINE: yeah i'm mostly away though

[69] BE KISSED: yes

[70] DO WEIRD / FREAKY THINGS: lol wouldnt u like to know

[71] BE WILD: if you know me outside of school you wouldnt even need to ask me

--------------------HAVE YOU EVER:----------------------------------

[72] BEEN TO A CONCERT: yes.

[73] BEEN OUT OF STATE: yes who hasnt


[75] RAN ROUND NAKED: when i was like 2

[76] BROKEN A BONE: omg too many. collar bone, 3 ribs, 4 fingers, femur, like 2 toes and fractured my ankle alot, and fractured my growth plate on my elbow. All this from snowboarding and tae kwon do (2nd degree black belt) but quit like 2 years ago.

[77] CHEATED ON A TEST: hasnt everyone???

[78] RAN A MARATHON: no i'm not a runner

[79] MET A FAMOUS PERSON: sarah Michelle gellar, shelly long (family friend), umm some others at concerts




---------------------------YOUR LOVE LIFE:----------------------------------

[83] SINGLE OR TAKEN: in the middle

[84] IF YOU WERE TO GO OUT WITH ANYONE, WHO: lol Tommy i'm stuck in the middle of a conflict though




---------------------------EXTRA EXTRA:---------------------------------------

[88] BAD HABITS: I pick off my nail polish too b/c it starts to peal off and annoys me and its a nervous habbit...

[89] MAKES YOU MAD: when ppl use the phrase "ur mom" non-stop, act like something they are not, act retarded in public and make big scenes (Parker!)

[90] SCARIEST MOMENTS: almost died of hypothermia in sweden when i was 5 and fell in while trying to ice skate and fell beneath the ice for 2 minutes in the winter

[91] WHERE ARE YOU: home

[92] ARE YOU WEARIN ANY JEWLERIES: earings, hair bands, knot bracelet from jcrew, tiffany bracelet and necklace

[93] LAST TIME YOU SHOWERED? an hour ago

[94] WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR PANTS: its a jean skirt from abercrombie so blue


[96] LAST THING YOU SAID: my parents are in New Orleans and i'm home alone, so nothing...

[97] COMPUTER DESK IS MADE OF: my computer, fish tank, ipod charger and cell phone charger

[98] LAST THING YOU ATE: salad

[99] WHAT YOU REALLY WANNA DO RIGHT NOW: packing for New Orleans b/c i leave friday afternoon and need to start packing!


[101] GOT A JOB? no

[102] SPORTS? swimming, crew, tennis, kick boxing (working out)

[103] INK? i hate needles
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I am updating b/c alot of ppl have been getting pissed at me for not updating like they do daily. So lately i have been rly busy w/ crew practice. We got 3rd place on saturday b/c fucking St. Stevens St Agnes cut us off, those whores! I am actually doing camp shopping and online i have purchased A juicy dress, 2 more lacoste polos, and a black North Face for camp. I got my schedule for next year:

1st-2nd: AP biology w/ Bill Wallace
3rd: French II w/ Debby
4th: Free
5th: English 11 w/ Rika
6th: AP U.S. History w/ Richard Avadon, i'm gonna die!
7th: Advanced AII/ Trigonometry w/ sumone
8th: Creative writing w/ Hayes

I have decided to go out for the tennis team nxt year w/ Lia, Niki, Hannah (if she has time) and sum other ppl b/c i like tennis and i want to stay in shape for crew in the spring and swimming year round.
I got a new webshots if you didnt know. And the link is: I was thinking about camp...

The Dress


CLV 04' and this weeknd

Ok so i kno i havnt written in a long time but i'v been super busy and prefer to comment instead of updating b/c i don't get as much of a kick out of getting comments as others do even tho it is nice to get comments, so COMMENT.

So on friday i was w/ chase in china town b/c no one wanted go so then when we got back into the metro station we had to run to catch the train THEN the doors close and chase barely got in and i was left on the platform. I never ride the metro so i was freaking out and he was like 1 second. So i thought he'd come back and 20 min later he came back i was so scared b/c there was a sketchy dude standing nxt to me. Then when some of my friends and i were going to Bethesda i tripped up the escalator in my flip flops and hurt my foot, like sliced it open and it was bleeding on the side walk so i had to get picked up and it was pathetic lol. But it really hurts its like nasty looking. Then yesterday i went to Bethesda w/ chrissy, chase and lia. There was this girl in Barnes and Nobels who chrissy was like "omg i kno her" and lia was like "me too" so i was like "okok i'll yell her name" so i yelled "HANNAH RICHARDS" while chrissy and lia were standing behind the column b/c she's this sketchy punk girl w/ two sketchy punk friends. And one of the friends looked up then when i went around the pole to see if she saw she was like staring up at me like a zombie. So when lia and i were standing at the opening of Barnes and Nobels she came up and was standing like a foot away from me and was like "ur the girl who was yelling my name bitch" and i was on my phone and i ignored her. Then they went outside b/c they were pissed i wasnt listeniing and like 5 min later they came back w/ a gang of punk ppl and lia and i like ran to her dad's car b/c we were afraid of punk retarded ppl.

Then later that night i went to a party at Jeff's house. It was huge. I got rly sloshed and was again carried back to my house that is 2 times within two days that i was carried somewhere. Supposedly i madeout w/ Tommy again and someother guy who goes to Whitman and something else i care not to mention in lj lol. I never realized how tasty schnopps were...every flavor yummmmmm.

Tomarrow i will update with pics of camp b/c i was reminiscing today. Btw my new webshots is "Swedengirl07" not 06 that is my old one. So take a look or jst wait till tomarrow.

xoxo bitches

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Long week

It's been such a long week i just got home from a dentist appointment, no cavities!. i'm sry i hav'nt posted in a long time, i'll post more when i get back but i'll tell u about the regatta last weeknd. So it was starting to rain and we were all like piled under this tent and then we went down to get our boat. As we were rowing out it started pouring. When the race started, there were like 2 footwaves coming down into our boat and lightning and all this shit. So when we got back we were soaking wet and the regatta was canceled. There was like 40 mile per hour wind and when i was carrying some equipment w/ Ruth, i slipped down these stairs and got a huge bruise on my elbow. I'm going to post Sweden Pics on saturday. xoxo
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hey yall, i'm sorry i hav'nt like updated lately. I have had to go to bed at 10:00 PM and get up at 5:00 AM every day for the past three weeks and it has been torture. Tomarrow i'm flying to SWEDEN. I'm going home yes. I was actually born in Malmö, Sweden. I luv it there. I dont know if scott is going to be there bc he called me on sunday and was like "i think my parents and i are going to our house in germany for a month, yeah i kno i'm retarded but they are making me" and i was like "w/e just like make me sit there alone lol jk" i have alot of friends in sweden. So i was thinking about the new cocktails i'm gonna try b/c like i'm legal in sweden to drink in public and not have to be carried back to my house at 3:00 in the morn by guyz i met for like 4 min. So far i'm gonna have a Black Russian and a Cosmo, and a Rasberry Martini. So tommarow i'm getting a mani, and pedi then my flight to Sweden leaves at 5:00 PM, its so nice being in first class going to sweden b/c we get to do what ever the fuck we want to. Well i'm gonna be gone for like 10 days so i'll update w/ pics and my new webshots AMANDA AND JEWELLE biatches lol. xoxo have an awesum spring break bitches.
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Quiz quiz

I was home sick so i decided to do a quiz. xoxo flickor (thats is girls in swedish).

*. . . W O U L D Y O U R A T H E R . . .*
1) pierce your nose or tongue? tongue
2) be serious or be funny? def. depends on the situation
3) drink whole or skim milk? skim

* . . . A R E Y O U . . .*
4) simple or complicated? i don't know, i don't analyze myself

* . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *
5) flowers or angels? flowers
6) grey or gray? huh
7) color or black-and-white photos? black and white are classic
8) lust or love? both
9) sunrise or sunset? sunset because its the end of a day
10) M&Ms or Skittles? m&ms
11) rap or rock? rap?
12) staying up late or waking up early? staying up late
15) eating apples or oranges? oranges ar yucky

* . . . A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y . . . *
16) Do you have a crush? yes
17) Who is it? haha Om du kan prata svenska, du kan vet vad jag säger.

* . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *
18) being hot or cold? cold
19) tall members of the opposite sex? yeah, no offense to short guyz
20) sun or moon? moon
21) emeralds or rubies? emeralds
23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
24) sun or rain? rain, its calming
25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
26) boys or girls? boys
27) green beans or carrots? carrots

* . . . M I S C E L L A N E O U S . . . *
29) What is your biggest fear in the world? clowns and puppets lol
30) Kids or no kids? kids
31) Cat or dog? both, i cant decide, but my cat acts like a dog, its sketchy
32) Half empty or half full? right now? half full.......
33) Mustard or ketchup? mustard
34) Hard cover books or soft cover books? hard cover b/c i always ruin soft cover books
35) Newspaper or magazine? magazine
36) Sandals or sneakers? flip flops
37) Wonder or amazement? Amazment
38) Red car or white car? red
39) Happy and poor or sad and rich? it would be depressing to be poor so i guess sad and rich, b/c money can't make u happy sumtimes, i'm confused
40) Singing or dancing? dancing, lets just say that my singing voice sucks
41) Hugging or kissing? both
42) Corduroy or plain? both
43) Happy or sad? happy
44) Purple or green? purple
45) Blondes, brunettes? blondes, b/c we rock.

* . . . A B O U T Y O U . . . *
What time is it? 6:12 pm
Nicknames: linney, elle, stuga licker, chiaki, chiaki chan- himme -polka dot squirrel- wukostu (i kno its weird)
Names and ages of siblings? Erika, 24
Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? 15
Date that you regularly blow them out? the saturday after my bday
Pets? cat and fish
Height? 5'4'' but hannah and i compete
Eye color? blue
Hair color? blonde biatch
Piercing(s)? ears

* . . . W H A T D O Y O U W A N T . . . *
Where do you want to live? DC, NY, sweden or France, but i dunnno.....
How many kids do you want? 1 but if they get lonely w/o a sibling then 2 i kno thats messed up but my sis and i always talk about it, dont ask
What kind of job do you want? pediatric orthopedic surgeon, i luv science and anatomy, they are interesting
Do you want to get married? yeah

* . . . W H I C H I S B E T T E R . . . *
2 doors or 4 (on a car): 4
Coffee or ice cream? ice cream
Shampoo or conditioner? both, but conditioner makes ur hair soft
Bridges or tunnels? bridges, b/c i'm afraid i'm gonna get stuck in a tunnel and its gonna collaps
One pillow or two? 2

* . . . W O R D A S S O C I A T I O N . . . * (first thing that comes to mind)
Rock? roll
Green? frog
Crying? baby
Roses? violets
Summer? beach
Winter? snow

* . . . F A V O R I T E S . . . *
Salad dressing? asian
Color of socks? white
Food? ethiopian
Toothbrush? electric
Alcoholic drink? cosmopolitan and black russians, i'm legal in sweden
Non-alcoholic drink? pina colada
Character? movie character?

* . . . R A N D O M Q U E S T I O N S . . . *
When was your last hospital check-in? Johns Hopkins
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? med. school
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? no, but i should probably be convicted for so much jay walking
What do you do most often when you are bored? work out
Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away from you? Karen, Sweden
Can you be in love with two people at the same time? that would be so complicated

Does anyone like my new icon, i tried to incorporate crew and a sun rise b/c that is what i c every morning on the water. Its pretty.
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